A territory of the Venetian Republic for almost 400 years, the historic fishing village of Marano Lagunare is very proud of its past, which can still be perceived everywhere: in the appearance of the old town centre, in the dialect, in the economy that assigns fishing a role of fundamental importance, in the typically maritime gastronomy.


In Gorizia you can breathe the suspended atmosphere typical of a border town: in Piazza Transalpina, physically divided by a wall until 2004, you can walk with one foot in Italy and one in Slovenia


For centuries Trieste has been the free port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and it still proudly presents itself as a Middle-European land and home to many peoples. In the air of this border city you can breathe in all the charm of a unique multicultural reality, starting from the linguistic aspect of the dialect, jealously guarded and spoken in every situation by the people of Trieste, to the gastronomic aspect with a cuisine at the crossroads of Austria, Italy and Slovenia, to the landscape between the sea and the Karst. Finally, with its white palaces in eclectic and neoclassical style, Trieste at sunset turns a bright red colour that enchants and leaves you wanting to never leave.


Monfalcone, located in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, is a charming coastal town overlooking the Adriatic Sea. Known primarily for its renowned shipyard, it is a significant industrial center. Monfalcone captivates visitors with its history and authentic city atmosphere.